Meeting with Light Designer James F. Ingalls

It was a lucky coincidence which allowed us to meet James F. Ingalls, the light designer of Desdemona after the final rehearsal. Right at the beginning he greeted us with a warm smile and we all sat down next to him.

It felt a bit like childhood when we looked at him, listening to his “glorious” stories of former plays and new plays, which all came to life due to his magnificent talent to make light change emotions. He told us about the million ways light can revolutionize a play and patiently answered every question we raised.

We instantly noticed that he is not just being politely answering questions, no, he was really interested about what we wanted to know.

All in all we learned a lot and also got a great insight in his daily work. The talk didn’t only show us, that theater really is one big, big family, it also gave us the feeling of belonging there and being welcome.

Katharina Köberl

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